Why is scrollback different ? – USER POV

What is scrollback?

Scrollback hosts chat rooms for communities to connect, communicate, confer and collaborate.https://Scrollback.io/

Why is scrollback different ? 

Why should i use it if have so many other chat option like whatsapp, fb etc

Well these questions will be answered by these responses

  • “We stay in a hostel where all the social networking sites are blocked so we     hostellites have a conversation over scrollback.” some institutions have banned facebook and other messaging platforms well none of the universities block scroll back. So such groups can use scrollback to be engaged.
  • Users can see and track conversations in the many group.
  • There are a few things about facebook chats thats annoying. First for all in facebook chat group, you need to add all your friends one by one.
  • Facebook privacy factor has always been questioned.
  • Have a group chat on facebook about iphone 6 for a day and next morning all you will see on your timeline is a list of companies trying to see you iphone 6.
  • keeps track on all the conversations that are going on and maybe even WhatsApp is now doing the same thing after becoming a subsidiary of Facebook
  • No ads is one of the best parts.
  • Other than that Scrollback is Open Source. As a developer you have the source code in your hand and the freedom to improve. Well facebook and other sites dont do that.

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