My 2014 IEEE year

This year had been great, got chance to organize, attend and mentor various events & seminars. With this year i complete my 2 ND year and enter in to my 3 rd year of IEEE and 1 st year in RAS.

This year was different as i had been chosen as the vice chair of my college sb IEEE RSET, this gave me a way to practice my leadership and event management skill in a larger scale.

I personally enjoyed evangelism about ieee activities to my college mates and juniors , community building ,purchasing items for the events, designing posters , social media publicity ,web development all these seemed to be a part of my daily life during the period of the event and the biggest happiness is the end result where you see someone has been benefited by your attempt in organizing a event thats where the motivation comes from.

Actually i would like to bring your notice that my 15 mb ieeerset folder grew to 3.2 gb this year which had various poster designs, event details etc.

There is long list of photos i will share a few in this blog.


Our new execom formation this where all this started


this was our first program and the best one with 250+ participants for the 4 days workshop (android and js) at rset, we had great mentors from pepalo android team and kerala js developer to interact with the students.


This was the ieee day celebration at college we took permissions to wear t shirt the whole day in the college ang had great community get together time


one of our workshop on pcb designing and poster presentation contest for mtech students got featured in indian express newspaper, and my name was printed in the newspaper as an organizer of the event these kind of appreciation brings happiness & motivates you to do better things.


We out reached to the nearby school and conducted a quiz program to 12 th standard students, winners were given 1000 rs cash prize.

Also interacted with them and enlightened them about what ieee organization is all about.


These pics are from the 2 workshop which i had taken in ieee link aksc event in cet tvm . Shared my piece of my mind in Javascript and hand gesture control of presentation using webrtc.Participants interacted well and the event was a great success.


Delivered the vote of thanks and was great fun in interacting with fellow yp execom learned a lot from them during the YP STEP 14.

As an end note Sb is extremely active now (growing on day to day basis would be the correct verb) talks going over a separate ieee room in the college ,This year engaged more through social media and our website.

I thank my college management, my mentors +Deepthi madam , +karthikeyan sir and , my fellow execom members  for their continuous support in my attempts.

An IEEE member for ever.

Happy volunteering 🙂


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