Firefox OS App days @ GCEK


The event aimed to educate and inspire student developers of GCEK to work on HTML5 apps and submit them to the Firefox Marketplace.

Well we were very much successful with that aim and embedded good knowledge about mozilla it initiatives, products and Firefox OS.

The event was a great success with 93 registrations from different college in northern part of Kerala.


We were 8 mozillians from the community to handle the different sessions. The first expressions of the participants were worth watching when they heard about mozilla and its product , they were starstruck “Omg mozilla has these many products” this was a response which i got to hear ,these sessions were neatly handled by Abin (organizer of the event)

There was a quick session by eldose on introduction to HTML CSS and JS , he demonstrated few of his makes (which showed the audience the creativity of web technologies).

Next up was my session where i had to introduce firefox OS and demonstrate the openness of firefox OS.

I started by distributing few of the developer and geek phones we had to the audience , and also started my webcam(this method i learned from nick from mozilla)

I first showed them the device info and read out about the firefox OS.

Well then i showed them videos of adaptive search results and then opened my Webide from browser and edited the OS and apps.

Briefly went through the developer tools available in the firefox browser and asked them to start off with their makes from mdn.

Next up i set up my RPI board and launched FirefoxOs in it (well it was done for the first time in the community).

Learn how to set Firefox Os in RPI board for yourself at

Good number of people really understood the openness and power of the innovative OS.


In the afternoon session it was all about app making with the appmaker which was handled by rigin. Participants enjoyed creating their first application.

It was an awesome day and a different experience which i will carry with me in my journey.


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