FireFox OS on Raspberry Pi Board


We start to like an actor when he is versatile and takes up different roles etc.

Well Firefox OS was in the top with its unique features such as the adaptive search, openness ,tons of webapps, app development process , its now even better with being able to boot in a raspberry pi board.

I won’t say it operates perfect in the board, but people say awesome things start with awesome bugs. Well contributors can look up to in these areas.

Get a detail information about the conversation here @ bug 1001404

Just thinking about the possibilities make my mind blow, well i just list out a few if you didn’t realize that:

  • You can create your own smart TV ( i already started to work on )
  • Apps and website ( if responsive ) can run on the cheapest development hardware.
  • Apps and website ( if responsive ) can run on any screen connected.
  • Firefox OS based controlled embedded systems.

TO GET STARTED WITH #RpiFFosHACKS Just Follow The Simple Steps Below:


  1. Google “Hacking b2g on Raspberry Pi” or just click Here!!.
  2. Download the image at Flash an existing build section or  just click Here!!.
  3. Extract the file to get the image of the latest build in windows OS (do i have to tell you) use unzip etc in linux you can directly get it by ” tar jxvf ffos-rpi-*.img.tar.bz2 “
  4. Use Win32imager software in case of windows to burn to the SDcard of RPI board or in case of linux you can right click to access the imager.
  5. Once yiu write the build you are set insert the SD card in the board and plug in the power you can see the Firefox Os bootup.

This hack was successfully performed at Firefox OS app days @ GCE Kannur. #FOXatGCEK

you can see this video to get a better idea on setting and developing in Firefox OS

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