Webmaker / Firefox Os App Day @ RSET #WebMakerRSET

Its an awesome feeling to come back and give something valuable to a place where you started your journey.

I attended my first Firefox Os App Development session 2.5 years before in the same place (Rajagiri school of engineering & technology) and the same multimedia hall.If i had not attended that event just like others i would have thought that firefox browser is nothing more than a ordinary browser.Well now this was my first event organized as a Mozilla Rep of course a very special one.


The main agenda of the event was to introduce participants to Application development in Firefox OS and transition of web user to web maker using the webmaker tools such as Thimble and Appmaker.

IMG_20150207_083557IMG_20150207_083506The event had a great response with more than 100 participants.This event was the second event in kerala in the year 2015.

The welcome speech was given by Vigneshwer Dhinakaran where all the speakers from the mozilla kerala community were given an introduction of their profile and were welcomed by roses by the college volunteers.

The event was possible because of the help and volunteering efforts of 7 student volunteers(among which few were FSA’s) and 7 Mozilla Kerala community members.



The event kick-started by Abid giving a general introduction to Mozilla and the various projects of Mozilla other than Firefox. The participants were astonished to know that Mozilla was not just about the web browser making, but much above that.

The audience got a clear idea :“Mozilla is not an organization that simply makes a web browser, but its a global community of like-minded people (developers) working hard to make the Web more beautiful.”

The kind of contributions from volunteers all around the world makes Firefox reach more to the people with considering the POV of all webusers.

IMG_20150207_110812 IMG_20150207_110445 IMG_20150207_104739

During the end of his session he did a small paper prototyping activity which allowed participants to get their ideas on the paper and few of them volunteered to share their ideas they were all starstruck to see that their small ideas were already companies which existed. Abid also gave tips about kind of work that is going on UI/UX engineering and its importance in latest products.


Next up Praveen gave a short and brisk talk about open data and why is it so important , participants did not know the kind of useful products they can develop using the open data like the bus timings of intercity buses , the vegetable prices in different location etc the most important of all the power of openness is something unique and very important for growth of any domain.

Smartphone devices with Firefox OS running were the big attraction at the event. Student were really surprised and amazed to see smartphones that were running on something other than Android.

All were excited after seeing Firefox OS device and were fine tuning their idea for the app prototyping and idea pitching for the afternoon session to win the awesome gifts of appday.

IMG_20150207_115804 IMG_20150207_115321

Later, Varghese handled a hands on session on HTML, CSS and JS where he developed a button to pop up message from scratch students followed him step by step.He thoroughly explained each concepts and explained each tags and its functionality.

DSC02885 DSC02879

After which Tessy joseph an OPW intern who was invited for the program to deliver a talk about the kind of opportunities in open source organization and opw program.She explained her experiences during the course and also said about the various open source projects of mozilla.Along with her Praveen joined and also said about his experience with google summer of code.

DSC02896 DSC02893

Nidhiya delivered an amazing talk about WOMOZ program and  engaged the audience with her experience in the community.

DSC02911 DSC02904

The afternoon session was started by Praveen giving a brief introduction to Firefox OS architecture and development life cycle of firefox apps where he showed a live demostration of developing an app using both the simulator and his geekphone.

DSC02926 DSC02925 DSC02914IMG_20150208_145527

The afternoon session was completely utilized for making creative apps by the participants.Before they started to hack they were given a basic tutorial of webmaker tools & making apps in appmaker by vigneshwer, nidhiya , vinay and varghese.

Participants were in love with appmaker where their ideas where coming to reality and all were busy baking their ideas to fruitful applications.

Later, Vigneshwer explained about the Firefox Student Ambassadors program of Mozilla and encouraged the students to join Firefox Student Ambassadors.


Finally, Vigneshwer and Praveen announced the winners of the AppDay. The day ended with a photo session of the participants with the organizers and volunteers.


DSC02939 DSC02937 DSC02936 DSC02935


Check out the complete album of the event on G+.


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