1hr Session on Conquering the Web : an NSS RSET initiative

Some bunch of students (almost around 35) were interested in learning the web and invited me to take a 1hour session on web literacy, the main agenda was to get kick-started with their web development skills, know about the tools, its importance and where they can reach.

IMG-20150326-WA002 IMG-20150326-WA005

This session was in association with the NSS club of RSET “Skill Development Programme “.I really appreciate the initiative +Riya, +Athul and team to start off with such a event in college which has round the clock schedule of regular studies.

The event formally was inaugrated by +Dr.John sir (CSE Department) and introduction to the program by +Riya.

IMG-20150326-WA006 IMG-20150326-WA007

My personal agenda was to make these bunch of budding engineers into webmaker with a total hands on session.

Please find the complete resource files for the session @ http://goo.gl/uWKmYr


Learning the web is so important the simple reason’s being there are huge amount of data and applications which we use on day to day basis, its almost like have been an integral part of our life, the first thing you do when you start your PC or Laptop is open up your browser and check your updates.

The power of web is so high that it can get you audience and a platform to show case your skills, all among the audience had agreed to it and were geared up to get their hands dirty.

Took them around a slide which is available in the resource folder, where briefly explained about front-end and back-end,how the web works , basic intro to different popular languages available were discussed, mobile apps (main focus and attention to revolutionary Firefox Os), Smart Tv applications and the different IDE for their development. All most all of the audience were dumb struck to know that learning the web can extend them to these many platforms.

Next up made them get a hosting for them selves where they build a website using the website builder tool.(Practised @ http://www.000webhost.com/834235.html )

The last part was regarding Webmaker.org tools and  hands on – coding in HTML,CSS  and JS (whose sample codes are available in the resource).

Vote of thanks was delivered by +Athul, Personally feel happy and thanks for having me:)


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