Mozillians / FSA Meetup Tamil Nadu – All Geared Up !! #FsaTN #MozTN

Update: FSA / Mozillians Meetup – Tamil Nadu

Greetings Mozillians, hope you are doing great and all geared up for the upcoming Meetup’s in Tamil Nadu.

What we plan to cover in the Meetup :

  • Getting Started with “Mozilla Club”.
  • Organizing Your First Event.
  • New FSA Recognition System
  • Community Management and OutReach
  • Networking Tips in Mozilla Community
  • Stay updated with the Community Channels
  • Firefox Yeah Campaign #FoxYeah
  • Participation in Community and Contribution Programs.

Believe me there’s gonna be lot’s more discussed than what’s in the list.

What we have for you in store:

  • Loads of Coffee and Refreshment to keep the thoughts and conversation live #MozCoffee
  • We have made a special FSA Kit (Materials basically) so that it’s easy for FSA’s to reach out to students and keep their club motivated. #FsaTN
  • Awesome Firefox and Mozilla Swags,Goodies,Stickers and lot’s more.
  • Networking Opportunities with Fellow FSA / Mozillians.

General Format : Meetup’s Location – Date – Time

  • Madurai  (Cafe Coffee Day – Annanagar) – 16 June 2015 –  14:00 PM – 17:30 PM 

      Map :

  • Thanjavur ( TAN CAFE , SELVAM NAGAR,M.C ROAD,THANJAVUR) – 20 June 2015  – 14:00 PM – 17:30 PM 

      Map :

  • Coimbatore (Dominos Pizza AVINASHI ROAD) – 21 June 2015  – 14:00 PM – 17:30 PM 

      Map :

  • Chennai (Cafe Coffee Day – Ramapuram ) – 5th July 2015 – 14:00 PM – 17:30 PM

      Map :

Keep your Tweet’s live with Hashtag #FsaTN #FoxYeah #MozTN, we have some special Swag for the best tweet in each meetup .

Looking forward to meet you all in real. For any clarification feel free to drop me back a message below or Tweet to me at @dvigneshwer.

  Registration Still open @ 


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