Mozillians / FSA Meetup – Coimbatore

Date: 21 st June  2015

Location: Dominos Pizza , Avinashi Road
Time: 1: 30 pm to  6 :00 Pm
(Format : Name / twitter handle / Mozillians Account)
  • Vishnu priyan.s/@vishmoz/vismozcbe
  • Ranjith
  • Naveen
  • Rajesh
  • Suskant Jr
  • Bharat
  • Naresh Raj
  • Krishna
  • Prasanth
Picture Link :
Groups: Whatsapp group created and active
Testimonials :
  • Vigneshwer : “Had a lot of fun explaining all about mozilla and listening to participants ideas and experiences”
  • Vishnu : really got a wonderful experience with all. I just now discovering all about mozilla works. Hope will know more about upcoming events.
  • paarttipaabhalaji :This is my first mozilla meet.I’m really comfort with this great meet to know about the FSA stuffs. I really thank to Vignehwer dhinakaran for organizing this mozilla meet.
  • Prathik : ” Wanted to be a part of Mozilla. I’m glad Vigneshwer took up an initiative to start / ramp up Mozilla activities here. Happy to contribute to the Mozilla world. Had very good exchange of ideas. Looking forward for activities that I can be a part of .”
Social Impacts:
Event Covered:
  • The event was a gathering of FSA’s / Mozillians who were interested to learn , contribute ,Share things about Mozilla . 
  • The event  mainly educated  mozillians and FSA to take up more roles in community building activities in Coimbatore.
  • Mozilla Coimbatore club was inaugurated. 
  • Planning and scheduling of upcoming events. 
  • Covered    topics such as Mozilla club, MDN, SUMO , Web literacy, Privacy ,  MLS ,  Webmaker ,  Localization, FireFox OS , and  different kind of events  like Appdays,  Hackathons, Marketplace days etc.
  • FoxYeah Campaign was discussed in detail.
  • Discussed etherpad hands on and related tools for  community functioning 
Upcoming Events in Coimbatore  :
  • Sept or Oct – 3 days session at Amrita – @sukant jr
  • July– @paarttipaa– Firefox Club inauguration and general talk on open source and Webmaker event.
  • Aug – @vishnu – Firefox Club inauguration and Webmaker event
  • Aug – @ranjith – Firefox Club inauguration and Webmaker event
  • Subject oriented events
  • Joining MAD NGO – to teach kids in schools and shelter home
  • Reaching out to other colleges via contacts
  • Recording meeting minutes live time during the event.
  • Conducting contest online for outreach to more participants
  • Partnership with local colleges

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