Mozillians / FSA Meetup – Thanjavur

Date: 20 the June  2015
Location: Tan Cafe , M.C Road
Time: 1: 30 pm to  6 :00 Pm
(Format : Name / twitter handle / Mozillians Account)
  • Selva
  • Arun 
  • Manikantan
  • Alagappan
Picture Link :
Groups: Whatsapp group created 
Testimonials :
  • Vigneshwer : “Had a lot of fun explaining all about mozilla and listening to participants ideas and experiences”
  • Shri Subramanyam : Found the real joy of volunteering. The meetup was most instrumental in me coming up with the tagline,”Web should be a necessity, not a luxury”. Thanks to @dvigneshwar for hosting this meetup. And rather than “Testimonials”, “Nail it Guys..!!” could’ve been used..(Unless someone in a higher hierarchy had droned to you about the required format) 
Social Impacts:
Event Covered:
  • The event was a gathering of FSA’s / Mozillians who were interested to learn , contribute ,Share things about Mozilla . 
  • The event  mainly educated  mozillians and FSA to take up more roles in community building activities in thanjavur.
  • Mozilla thanjavur club was inaugrated. 
  • Planning and scheduling of upcoming events. 
  • Covered   topics such as Mozilla club, MDN, SUMO , Web literacy, Privacy ,  MLS , Webmaker ,  Localization, FireFox OS , and  different kind of events like Appdays,  Hackathons, Marketplace days etc.
  • FoxYeah Campaign was discussed in detail.
  • Discussed etherpad hands on and related tools for  community functioning 
Upcoming Events in thanjavur  :
  • @Suburamanyam – September Month – Hardware Hacking using Open source Tools
  • @Suburamanyam – August Month – Techfest Stall – Pragyan and Carpediem
  • @makilan– July – Firefox Os App day
  • Subject oriented events
  • Involving more High school students

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