Mozilla Meetup – Tiruchirappalli

                      Mozilla Meetup – Tiruchirappalli

                            Tagline: Free web should continue to exist, not cease to…
Date:  26th July 2015 – Sunday 
Location:  Domino’s at Trichy 
MAP : 
Time: ( 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm )
Attendees:(FSA/ Moziilians around Trichy and near by districts)
Hash Tag : #FsaTN #MozTN #FoxYeah
Attendees and testimonial
Vigneshwer  : was happy engaging with new enthusiastic mozillians in trichy hads  lot of fun discussing the communities time line to come and excited
Subramanyam:  Meeting again…!! Found some unequivocal ideas for future. A straight  layout for moving forward..!! Thanks @dvigneshwer for attending…!!!
Roopak: Innovative ideas are to be set into action soon, can’t wait till the next meet. It’s great having met a lot of great people there. 
Krishna : was my first mozilla event , had understood a lot about mozilla and initiatives looking forward to be an active member in the community.
Selva makilan : Found some really amazing stuff regarding Mozilla. Awesome people to network with. Looking forward to greater involvement
 About Event :
This Meetup is specially organized to train new FSA’s/Mozillians from Trichy
This meetup shall motivate the new FSAs/Mozillians  to start contributing to Mozilla and work on various Mozilla & FOSS  related activities in their schools/colleges/universities. This Event will bring all FSA’s/Mozillians together as a Community and get to know each other so that in future, the FSA’s/Mozillians as a community will find it easier to join hands with fellow mates and work together in Organizing Events and Contributing to Mozilla.
Event Plan:
  • To mainly educate Mozillians and FSAs to take up more roles in community building activities in Trichy.
  • Planning and scheduling of upcoming events. 
  • Topics such as Mozilla club, MDN, SUMO, Web literacy, Privacy, MLS, Webmaker,  Localization, Firefox OS and  different kind of events like Appdays, Hackathons, Marketplace days etc. to be discussed in detail
  • FoxYeah Campaign to be discussed with intricate details.
  • Discussion about use of social media for wider reach.
  • Mozilla Trichy Club inauguration.
  • Mozilla Mission and products
Event Achievement: 
  • Mozilla Trichy whatsapp group
  • 5 events after meetup
  • 11 web literates.
  • Social impacts : 10+ tweets

Upcoming Event in the area:

  • Web maker events in 3 schools and 2 colleges.
  • Maker party in Trichy area.

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