SNS college SFD Celebration 2015

This was the first activity of Mozilla Coimbatore club on the occasion of Software Freedom Day 2015.

Location and logistics of the event arranged by SNS college of technology Firefox club.

Totally there were more than 180 + students and 50 + students attended the evening session. Totally covering 5 + college participants.

Pictures at

This event’s main agenda was to
introduce about Mozilla initiatives and program to SNS and near by college students and motivate then to be a part of the global community.

Personally from my side I had a great time in the college,the college management had extended a warm welcome and good hospitality through out the event, thanks for that.

Spoke with the college teachers about the road map of the college Firefox club , they seemed to pretty happy about the kind of activities that is in store for them. Looking forward to some awesome event from the college side.

I Started off my speech with introducing student the concept of open source, recited the story of Mozilla with few videos , followed by which briefly explained about different products, projects and initiatives of Mozilla. Before proceeding to lunch, had asked students to tweet with hashtag #sfd15 #mozcbe

In the afternoon session, the arrangements were made in a lab so we did some hands on activities, few students ended up making their own app. They all appeared motivated about building their own app using webmaker.
On the process showed them the new webmaker app.

Before winding up the show had shared the links for joining the local community channels and FSA registration page.
Few students joined the program at the moment it self.

Took loads of photograph’s and had meet few students with interesting¬†ideas, happy that I was able to motivate them to go ahead and give it a try.

All resource materials of my seminar is available at


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