Robotics in the air for VEDANTA ACADEMY

So a bunch of students in the class range of 6 th to 10 th are going for an international robotics challenge competition in Singapore .

It’s great that the school is promoting and guiding students at such an early stage to go ahead pursue such  interests. This is the first time I have been actively associated with a robotic club at a school level.

The school had invited me for taking a session on getting started with robotics and make something hands on with the kit they had bought.

It was an impressive kit named I-robo from the company named unirobo kits.

This basically had some chasis construction materials (some plug and play plastic component) , then an embedded system with microcontroller and necessary burner , and rest all where servo motors, DC motors, sensors.

This is actually a great kit to start off.

This was a challenging session for me I had to deliver concepts at an elementary level so that these students understand the core concepts behind it.

This kit also consisted of a dedicated development environment which had features of drag and drop to get implement an action.

So here they didn’t have to actually develop a code or script to execute an action.

Few things I explained were :

1.How a motor works
2. Communications system block diagram
3. How to control a bot using switches
4. How to burn a program using the IDE of the kit
5. How a sensor works
6. Input output devices
7. How to setup the development environment
8. Explained them the different challenges in the robotics competition and what they are expected to do
9. Explained them concepts of potential difference , signals , switch etc

The kids were very comfortable with making the model as they had pictorial representation of construction.

But had no clue on how to make a program burn and connection of input / output devices.

Glad that I could help them by setting the port settings and explain how to develop using this environment.

Overall it was a great experience , was happy that the kids were productive at the eod.

We had made a RC car and line tracer successfully, well there were some hardware faults.

The feedback I had got from the kids were : now they are having a good understanding of how things work and what to exactly do to implement some things.

I wish them great success at the competition and congratulate the management of the school to have such an awesome initiative.


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