Summary of my MozYear 2015

This year had be great !! met many new mozillians and started being an active part of another community (Mozilla Tamil Nadu).

Mozilla Tamil Nadu was not as active as Mozilla Kerala, where I started as a mozillian. There were lots of room for improvement and development.

The series of meetup’s which I organiszed across 5 places in the state had brought in lot of active mozillians and FSA to the group.

List of events which I directly conducted are the ones below:

Mozilla Coimbatore-

Mozilla Chennai  –

Mozilla Madurai

Mozilla Thanjavur –

Mozilla Trichy

SFD Celebrations in Coimbatore –

Photos :

Each one of them are doing great for themselves and their region around, recruiting more and more potential volunteers to the community, really happy that I was an integral part of it.

Mozilla Tamil Nadu has very dedicated REPS who are very transparent to the community and all activities happened so far as been a whole team effort.

At a nutshell the community has a pre-planned list of activities and to do list assigned to various individuals for the next quater.

Happy New Year to all Mozillains !!


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