Mozilla at shaastra 16

Thanks @shaastra organizers for having mozillians at the maker fest eve of IITM tech fest. Special thanks to @Ramprasath who has been actively involved in execution of this event.

Event took place on 26 th Jan 2016 from 9am to 5pm.


We had been given a fully equipped stall for a whole day and 2 hr session on getting started with Mozilla & its communities.

Roughly around 50 people attended our talk, 250 to 300 visits at the stall, 20 + people registered to be part of Mozilla TN community and become a FSA, 3+ college students wanted to host a webmaker event in their college, and around 25+ people downloaded the webmaker app to start being a maker.

We had 7 volunteers who turned up on the day, there was Karthic, Abaar, Adam, Dinesh, Ravi and Faarhan.

We personally engaged with all visitors who were parents, students, teachers , and other domain professionals. All were accepting the importance of online privacy and understood the role and contributions of Mozilla.

In the sessions Abaar started of with telling about OSI and Mozilla, later Karthic gave a talk about the FSA program, after which my session about web literacy and contributions path ways to Mozilla and then Faarhan covered up with web privacy.

Hashtag in which we have been tweeting : #MozDayShaastra #MozDaymakerFest  #MozillaAtIITM

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