Firefox Club at SNS CT -Coimbatore

Great job @Parthipabalaji he is the soul reason for the existence of SNS Firefox club. Let me take this opportunity for appreciating his leadership and volunteering spirit kudos parthi keep up the momentum and spread the spirit across all your subordinates via this platform.

This is my second time at SNS college the first time I was there for the SFD celebration 2015 (, it’s an awesome institutions to be at in terms of infrastructure, learning opportunities and the management is very supportive. In fact this event was conducted after the classes got over when the exams were nearing, they clearly understand there’s a need for all round growth of their students.

They have also agreed to help the local Mozilla community at cbe to conduct regular events for students welfare in Coimbatore.

The event kick-started with inaugural ceremony and release of the club logo.

Later in day parthi explained about web privacy with hands on demo on lightbeam, forget button options and various other addons, participants raised various questions about how tracking is done, what are the potential threats. Parthi in his lecture had prepared few animates videos which were really good.


In the event there was another interesting mozillian whom I met, the founder of technanban Mr Ramki, he is a FSA from Sankara college which he soon plans to make it more active in terms of mozilla and web activities.

@ramki is gonna help me make a better hacker environment in Coimbatore and had suggested good ideas considering the present condition in Coimbatore.

Post lunch I started off with completing few teaching kits (basics of web literacy, web privacy ) later we discussed about cookies and had a small quiz on what all cookies are involved with various tracking.

As a continous effort we are planning to conduct a series of workshop based meetup event for learning and levering thr power of IOT skills and products for solving a real-time problem.

Pictures of the event : will post soon.

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