FoxIOT Meetup 1&2 Series Update

1st Meetup was held on  July 16  at SNS college of Tech , few of the topics covered are

  • 1. Introductions to git
  • 2. Introduction to shell scripting
  • 3. Introduction to Docker and commands

Blogpost :- P Prasanth

2nd Meetup was held on July 30 at KGISL, Topics covered are

  • 1. Introductions to python and main libraries
  • 2. Introduction to C++ and main libraries
  • 3. Writing a python wrapper to a C++ program

Blogpost :- Sudharsan Rajendran’s write on the second meetup

This event is about a series of 6 community meetup in Coimbatore area aiming to learn IOT domain related skills & produce a range of open source IOT protoytpes of different verticals.

All these meetup will have great documentation and lectures recorded for later use by every IOT enthusiast.

This meetup is a form of continous learning effort, where a handful of skilled contributors are nutured and motivated to give back to a community.

Based on previous experience one day workshops and seminar fail to deliver the actual essense, so this program is spread across 2 months of continous learning and project building in order to get hands on experience.


Github account :

Photos and Flickr links for the last two meetups:


Youtube channel :


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