Demistifying Connected Device concept @Mozilla

So I recently was at the Mozilla India meetup 2016 in pune where I was fortunate enough to attend the connected device session by Detrich who is a one of the members of the IOT and connected device team in Mozilla.

Mozilla sees a lot of potential problem in the space of connected device which are in alignment with what Mozilla identifies as their core problems in the open web like users online privacy , security and literacy.

This particular team in Mozilla acts as a startup which is very rapid and improves its product over continous feedback and research, the process is like Mozilla staff come up with an idea which is addressing a particular problem identified acc to the Mozilla’s problem space then particular board team agrees and asks the team to do market research and follow  the product innovation  process.

This initiative for now is open only to the mozilla staffs and they are focusing  on very few products which they want to roll out first with tie ups to few bmodels which are already available out there.

I got to hear about the Open studio concept where its like designers, coders, and artist people of different people discipline come together to solve few problems and make it available for people to use. This is something  unique and is happening for the first time.

These activities are really insipiring and at Mozilla Coimbatore club, we are having a small research group trying to spread the knowledge about IOT technologies and trying to solve projects in this domain (check out ).



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