Machine learning/ AI to solve privacy related issues

Thinking of this topic gives me goosebumps this is something which can make a great impact in the way people use the internet and their devices .

This is something that can change practices and make things safer and all together give the user a better and safe experience.

These are few parameters related to web privacy which researchers can build a model to solve a web privacy problem space.

Let’s first talk about the problem space first before parameters, I am listing few problems below,

  • Tracking
  • Malware and cyber attacks
  • Understanding cookies and permissions

Parameters of interest would be,

  • User permissions
  • API requests
  • Access to cookies

I had a small idea of educating and enriching users which were to make a Firefox addon which would predict the privacy status based on the above parameters and give a score for a particular site, which would help users to understand their contents better.

This is a more like an interactive and predictive way of light beam addon (

Just some food for thought on this domain, I will be working on the above idea at some point. Feel free to reach out to me via @dvigneshwer in twitter

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