Why web compat is important ?

Web compat is very important to Mozilla obviously for one reason that people to get the best experience with Firefox and want to continuously improve the Firefox product in order to support all kind of latest technology out there but it is just not limited to that,It is for improving all the websites and browsers to deliver the same content in various browsers and devices, contributor in the web compat site can file bugs for any website in any browser.

Mozilla campaigns and its communities have been a very strong organic testing and feedback system which is why Firefox browser is for the people and is one of the most trusted internet browsers out there.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Web compat session which was handled  by Bradley who is a brand guy for Mozilla and his session was very informative and he had covered  a lot of aspects about why we need webcompat.com and how to use it properly.

His presentation had a lot of stats and which caught my attention.

There’s a lot of contribution in this area as it will improve the web itself.

Using https://webcompat.com/ product users can report bugs to product developers.Interested contributors can get started with issues of their favorite projects.

These are just a few of the benefits of the web compat program.

For more details check out https://activate.mozilla.community/webcompat-sprint/


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