SFD Celebration in Coimbatore

Sept 17 2016 a day well spent with the members of Mozilla TN community in Coimbatore on the occasion of software freedom day 2016 (http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/) celebration at SKCET (http://www.skcet.ac.in/) and SNSCT  (http://snsct.org/)

There were two events scheduled by Parthipabalaji and Prasanth at these two colleges.

6 contributors from Mozilla TN community turned up for these events ( which includes me , Vishwaprasath, Karthic, Ramki, Gowtham venkat and Khaleel )

For me this was the second time I am going to SNSCT for SFD celebration.

The main agenda of these events was to recruit more members to the community, introduce aspiring engineers to open source practises, tell about the state of art technologies, talk about FOSS and Mozilla communities and initiatives apart from these talks we did hands on WebVR , IOT , Test pilot and Webcompat so that the particiants feel a sense of accomplishment in the end of the day.

Myself and Khaleel along with Parthi took primary responsiblity for SNSCT event and Karthic and Vishwa took care of SKCET.

The event kick started with inaugration around 10am at SNSCT where we all were present & later in the day karthic and vishwa moved over to SKCET to start off over there.

In SNSCT morning session were complete talks and afternoon was a complete hands on session on Test pilot & Web comapt in the lab.

Khaleel started off with a mind blowing quote in Tamil which blew off most of the people in the room … wooh that was strong. Later Khaleel spoke in general about the FOSS and Mozilla community … he really knew to get the audience engaged, later after tea break Karthic spoke about Mozilla campus clubs and how to get started, he is in the executive board (go ahead and ping him for more details)

Mean while myself and Vishwa were busy setting up the lab with Firefox developer edition and test pilot addons (well I must agree most of the installation was done by him, he ran around really inspired by his dedication and I was sitting in a corner to boot my pi boards and demos).

In the afternoon session, I started off with giving a talk about IOT and state of art work done in Mozilla and other part of the world, also told what Mozilla was trying to achieve through this (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Connected_Devices) .

You can find my slides at https://slides.com/vigneshwerdhinakaran/iot-intro/

Later myself and Khaleel made all the participants to try out all the features of Testpilot ( testpilot.firefox.com) and share feedback, people where excited about it and sumbitted valueable feedbacks

Then I continued with showing a complete demo on the developer tools of Firefox browser many of the participants were completely new to this.

The above activity really helped them to file more than 30 + issues in the web compat platform( https://webcompat.com) on various regional sites.

Meanwhile Parthi was busy running making sure internet, computers, and logistics all were fine, Good job man you defnitely deserve a cookie. Heard that Prasanth did a A+ job in his college too, that’s great and very inspiring.

Many reached back to me, saying they wanted to conduct events in their colleges and invite me and other volunteers, this is where I thought of the fact that we need more evangelist as our community is growing bigger and bigger day by day. Also we need to make sure that the evangelist we send for representing have adequate skills and can handle audiences. I told those enthusiats to become part of the community by joining channels, understanding the practises and start networking with other members so that we can have better idea about the complete pictures.

Atlast myself and Khaleel spoke with the teachers in the college about how to take part in these activities better and consulted them with infrastructure leads.

All these events pump me up and makes me feel really satisfied about the fact that I am contributing my part to make my society better.

In the evening we (almost 10 of us) settled down at Dominos in athipalayam privi for dinner and chatted about the Mozilla TN wiki page, upcoming community calls for training more evangelists and Mozilla TN community meetup (did some logistics count).

Catch all the actions in MozillaTN twitter account ( https://twitter.com/mozillaTN/ )


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