Solutions for the problems in Diversity & Inclusion

I am part of Mozilla India community which is one of the most diverse tech community in the world.

In this blog, I am trying to suggest few solutions which have worked for the community where I have been an active part of.

Diversity is what we portrait of the peer and being inclusive is a way we think and act, defining a proper process with a clear goal can solve so many tensions in this space

To understand the different problems when diverse people work together and how we can bring up inclusive practices for all to participate collaboratively, it’s advised to select focus groups from the different target audience and engage them with various surveys and interview to analyze the data.

Based on my interview diversity is often associated with culture, native language, geography, race, age, religion, appearance, gender, style, education etc 

Diversity is the ways by which we classify people around you based on various factors listed above.

Inclusion is how we treat a class of people who come are tagged to be a part of a single ecosystem.

Problem in being inclusive are,

  • Respecting everyone’s opinions
  • Ability to see a voice in a secular manner
  • Adapting to peers of any backgrounds
  • Making sure no one is left out
What can we achieve by being diverse and inclusive?
We can be more productive where we get feedbacks and ideas from different minds who have different experiences to build better products and services
So my argument is that to have people collaborate from different communities and being inclusive can be achieved only by cultivating a mindset where people follow methods and process which molds their mindset over time.
Here are few suggestions which help the above statement to come to true,
Inclusion improvement:
  • Define bad behaviors in the process and make sure to have fines for bad behaviors in order to make everyone clear that bad behaviors will not be tolerated at all
  • Get constant feedback from people who are in the process
  • Make sure to share all the context about the process in different languages
  • Make sure to share few professional interaction examples and tips
  • At some point in time, appreciate participants for efforts
Diversity in practice:
  • Create programs which invite all to participate
  • Make all the participants feel as leaders
  • Be transparent in procedure and fair to all
  • Impart concept which all participants can apply
  • Include the material kits in various language
  • Keep the kits simple so that people from all backgrounds can understand it


Free advice for people taking advice from a user audience :
  • Always appreciate every feedback
  • Drop your ego and provide clarifications

People who are giving advice:

  • Always have a specific question ? (subjective questions does not help)
  • Refer back to input

Some sample :

Wouldn’t it be nice if …..

I am not sure how people would see this …

Sample kits like these, when provided to communities, will help them participate equally without any barriers.

Happy collaborating 🙂


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