My next 6 month Plans for MozillaTN

In this blog, I am composing the details about my next 6 months event and activity plans for Mozilla Tamil Nadu region.

Mozilla TN is very special to me, I really enjoy each and every moment in being part of this group of people and conduct kick ass events.

For the next six months, I am gonna concentrate on really few core areas which are rust ( I will be devoting my max time for this upcoming system programming language), IOT and community building.

These few of my event schedule which I have already engaged till March 2017,

  • Completing FoxIOT meetup series in DEC month (Where we want to put up a teaching kit with complete documentation and video tutorials)
  • Have to complete my code units milestones for the DeepRust project (which is a deep learning crate in rust)
  • I plan to train my new volunteers in the month of JAN so that they can start to contribute to the code for the DeepRust project units.
  • Will publishing my results and research on OpenIOT repo about the IOT security, privacy and architectures to produce better data collection standardization and privacy policies
  • Have proposed talks at a couple of events on my DeepRust and OpenIOT open projects at FOSS events in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India.

For the next two months ie April and May 17,

  • I want to conduct rust sprints across TamilNadu where I plan to go around and take rust sessions in various places, who are interested in hosting the event.

Apart from these activities I will be actively involved with the Open Science and Mozilla Clubs team on Open research and community building.

I also will be happily mentoring and guiding new contributors who approach me, to achieve and feel complacent with the initiatives of Mozilla and its communities.

Finally really excited about the MozillaTN 2017 meetup in Coimbatore.

Looking forward to doing some really cool hacks and meeting awesome people all around Tamil Nadu.


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