FoxIOT SG Event 4

We had a new location for this meetup which was at the hackerspace of KGISL college, technically we have been there already but this was a new space in the campus itself. (In short, it was an amazing place for making cool stuff)

Let me start off thanking @Sudhersen and @Parthi for taking care of the location arrangement and logistics.

Just a quick into about FoxIOT Study group (we are a Mozilla Study group based out in Coimbatore and consists of IOT researchers, technologists, consultants and practitioners )

The things we covered in the session are,

I have hyperlinked the first two activities, they are in form of a kit and is very consumable.

Wow, ❤ the lights 🙂

we used the RPI’s gpio pins to play with the LEDs and all the participants wrote code to perform few activities in the PI, like the train of LEDs, executing patterns, turning off and on the led based on time etc.

Meanwhile, they were writing code for the functionality, I quickly made a python package which executes their code in a command line.

A day well spent with the FoxIOT study group folks 🙂

Participants blog:

Join our channel: Ping me @dvigneshwer in telegram or twitter to join the channel.

Thanks for reading and Merry Xmas 🙂

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