FoxIOT Meetup 5 & 6

We winded up our IOT meetup series this Christmas with an end to end working prototype of a real-time  Led monitoring system.

This project can be used as a base to create many more projects where this framework can be utilized.

We plan to implement more such projects in the hackerspace and make the source code open source in order for people to reproduce them.

Next week FoxIOT study group is gonna make a face identification and detection system in the hackerspace and put it on a monitor so that people come by and become amazed, well @sudhersen is planning this out.

This was the first time that I had been involved with an event for such a long time in order to pull this off there were many hurdles in logistics, communication, and the list goes on.

But I was happy to hear from the participants that they learned a lot of things and plan to reproduce them.

Thanks to all the participants who have been part of this event and contributed to the repo 🙂

Below are few links to see what happened in the previous events,

IOT Event Kit (Beta):

Event BlogPost :

Topics Blogpost:

Pics :
IOT Meetup 1 :
IOT Meetup 2 : ,
IOT Meetup 3 pics :

Content Repo :

PICS & Videos of meetup 4,5 and 6:

Meetup 4
Meetup 5
Meetup 6

Videos of the working prototypes:

IOT Teaching KIT: 

Blog links Meetup 4:

Tweet Beam:



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