Experience @ MakerFest 17

MakerFest is an amazing fest to celebrate the spirit of Makers and think about how we could expand this spirit to domains which are not yet explored.. hosted by Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation and founded by Asha Jadeja, I could not chat with her much but found an oppurtunity to invite her to our Mozilla stall, she seemed to be very happy about the colorful festival happening around her and was appreciating every one who were a part of it.. I really enjoyed the speaker series Replenish.earth (Giving back more than we take), which struck me to think about other domains like “Waste” and saw live entrprenuers who were doing an amzing job in this domain, this initiative was started by Dr.Tia I could feel her passion for this initiative while she was talking about it, which was really inspiring to me:)

Let me start off by thanking Mozilla & MozIn Selection team for choosing & sponsoring me to the event, this was my first MakerFest event and in this blog, I am gonna try my level best to document my #kickAss experiences 🙂

# History Time

Mozilla India community for 3 years in a row are a partners with Makerfest team and having been putting up stalls and conducting workshops to enable and empower makers.

There is wonderfull story about how it all started by #Sir Vineel, It was really good that he could make it to the event. It was the first time I had meet him, his passion and experiences towards Mozilla communities is really insipiring and personally I gained many new POVs which I haven’t thought about earlier.

The story of how it all started is out of scope of this blog but catch any volunteers who attended #MakerFest17 to know more, in a nutshell like minded people meet and thought we should shake hands.

One thing I really like about Mozilla communities is the passion which people have towards healthy internet and environments. I always have felt that major reforms cannot be brought by a single person or a company, it’s a like minded community which can do more justice to bring about a sustainable difference 🙂

# What we did do there ?

Wooh .. we were few #BadAss mozillains who flew across from different parts of India to put up a #kickAss #MozStall which had various artificats and evangelized openweb.

Mozillians who put up this show are myself, Vineel, Mehul,Vishal, Ipsha, Tanay, Anubha, Shahbaz, Mansi, Viral, Pranshu, Kamlesh, Rufus and Mayur 🙂

We did a lot of #MozActivate activites as it was hot and innovative in Mozilla communities itself , PFB the list

  • Rust –  My role was to be advocate and an developer evangelist to the people who were interested in this blazingly fast and highly safe system programming language which has an potential to reinnovate the web 🙂


  • WebVR – Shahbaz really took up responsibility here and don’t know how many times he must given a WebVR demo, all visitors were interested in this and had an new experience of the web !!
  • Privacy Month – Vishal you are the bro man his interest in internet health is really appreciable 🙂 I really learned a lot of privacy techniques & tips

Vinnel, Mehul, Ipsha, Tanay, Viral, Rufus & Mayur deep drived into the other areas & explained the value of these activites to the visitors.

Anubha, Pranshu, & Kamlesh are the reason why you see these amazing pictures and these guys blasted social media.

  • Campus Programs – Mansi must have atleast have incubated 10+ colleges clubs during the event .. she did a A+ job sharing her experiences 🙂

We had a round robin kinda setup and each one of us participated in all areas, which was a very good learning experience for each of us .. for the sake of blog, I highlighted names with each area 🙂

# KitsStats

I really don’t have much numbers here, Mehul can share more insights here. I can roughly tell there were more than 1000+ foot fall to the stall.

I personally must have engaged with more than 200 – 300 people !! My voice became so hard at the end of the event but was totally worth it 🙂

But this section is based on the experiences which we had at the stall.

Things which worked for us are:

  • We had a feedback form to collect the information of the participants, so that we can get back to them
  • Made amazing posters by hand to explain each artifacts

  • Explained in regional language so that people could relate better

Things that did not work:

  • We could not cover many technical aspect of Rust or WebVr, as the space we had constraints and these are more workshop kinda topics, so we gathered few people in regular time and consulted with them how they could put these technologies to use in their day to day life 🙂


We catered all the audience who came to out our stall, we had designers, students, kids, IT professionals, Makers, entrepreneurs, Teachers, sales managers and investors.

People were attracted to the stall because of the lovely color of MozActivate shirt and the artifacts which we had !!

Our aim was to enlighten them about the problem in open web and send them back with a tip or motivation to the join the community and become a part of this revolution !!

Let me share a conversation kit, which we thought to work with school kids who came running to collect the firefox sticker.

  • Me: Have you seen this logo before.
  • Mostly Kid: Yeah !!
  • Me: What does it do ?
  • Kid: Don’t know or To access Internet
  • Me : Its a browser which fetchs you all the information from the world
  • Kid: Can I get the sticker now ?
  • Me: Will you share me your password?
  • Me: Make sure never to share your passoword !!

This just a small role play which we tried to formulate but these conversation were interesting .. Like the stagging of these ideas and realization in the visitors thought process is the experience which we should try to deliver as a community.

Few of the interesting questions I got from these kids are,

  • What is a server ?
  • How does internet work ?
  • How can I be safe online ?

There were a lot of graphic and 3D printer designers in the event for whom I asked to think about Creative commons license  & Open Design for their work !!

Will be adding more content here .. I hope few ideas here can be reused to deliver better experiences in #MozStall !!

# My Funda at Makerfest

Makers think about a human-centric design in your endeavours

I quickly understood this event is not like any other event, this has event has a small flavor how #MozFest is !! Read my MozFest experience

Evangelizing Mozilla values and technologies is something all mozillians are amazing at 🙂

I was asking makers a questions ..  Do you think the auto rickshaw guy understand terms like web literacy or privacy .. where the obivious answer was No .. I took this spark and requested them to design products which can cater these audience and provide equal access to all.

My EqualRating proposal is based on this fact and support D&I 🙂 – If you want to know more and join an amazing team ping me @dvigneshwer in telegram 🙂

# Thanks Note

Mehul, Mansi, Pranshu & Viral  you guys were an amzing hosts I really enjoyed my 64 hours in Gujarat and thanks for taking care of all our needs and taking us around 🙂 Looking forward to meeting and doing some nice event soon..

Lots of #Butter #Mozlove to all the mozillains who made it to the event 🙂

We had a lot of fun evangelizing open web 🙂

Thanks to Sierra for Mozillagram access 🙂

As a ending note .. Amazing people & beatiful Ideas is what makes this world beautiful 🙂 #Mozilla #MakerFest are catalyst for this change.

Thanks & hope you enjoyed reading all the colorfull things about the event .. tweet to me @dvigneshwer 🙂


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