MozillaTN Community Redefined

Mozilla Tamil Nadu Community Meetup 2017

Mozilla Tamil Nadu community had its annual meetup event on 21st & 22nd of Jan 2017 at KGISL campus Coimbatore. The event focused on planning the roadmap of the community for the upcoming year and training its enthusiastic contributors on Mozilla focus areas and  facilitating them to become evangelists in their local region. Meetup had a flavor both of a hackathon and community building meetup.

#MozillaTN17 was the best community meetup I have ever attended !!

Highlights !! 

Let me start off with mentioning few highlights of the event which I haven’t seen happening at any of the community meetups,

  • Participants were asked to write a blog about their 6 months participation plans for the Mozilla community
  • We had individual tracks which were based on Mozilla’s focus area
  • Selection was based on the performance of the individual in the different tracks they were interested in participating
  • All community members managed to come to the event in spite of the interstate protests and hustle about #Jallikattu
  • All tracks showcased their hacks
  • Launched the new community logo


  • DP changer – we had a dedicated site for changing the profile pic to promote the event in social media

  • We had a kickass promotional video, which mentioned all the highlights of the event. In fact, this was made by a mozillian out of interest and excitement of the event

It’s been more than 18months that I have been actively associated with MozillaTN community, I was personally very happy to see that the mozillians I had recruited are turning out to be amazing and becoming community leaders.

A lot of hard work and months of planning had gone behind pulling off this event, we had more than 3 hangout calls for preparing the event pitch and endless discussion till the finish of event about the metrics and deliverables. I am very proud to say that MozillaTN community is one of the most active communities in India.

#MozLove to mozillians 

All this was possible because few mozillians who have been very inspirational without whom this event would not be successful, thanking them is not sufficient. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate them for their work,

  •  VP – He was involved with all the aspects of the event and made sure everything is going as per plan
  • Ashly – Our communities womoz lead she made sure our communication was going out in proper time
  • Karthik – Superstar of MozillaTN community He pitched in the selection process
  • Makilan – Kept the buzz active on our social media channels
  • Prasanth – The man behind the DP changer site
  • Sudharsan – Took care of the location & requirements during the event
  • Paari– For running around the getting the Id cards & flex printed

For documentation part, I just assigned tasks before each name but all of them pitched in all areas.

Thank you, Mentors & Guest’s of #MozillaTN17

There are few people had pitched in the event apart from their busy schedule. We really owe them a lot.

Guillermo helped us plan the agenda and gave us proper guidance whenever required.

Arun kumar, he joined us from Malaysia and told us the importance of l10n for Firefox browser and also helped to make the roadmap for l10n.

Subhashish joined us via a hangout call during the event and gave a very important presentation about Mozilla and Campus clubs. We also had a hangout call with him before the event where we discussed various aspects of the event and community.

Aurelia made us a video explaining about Mozilla science 🙂

Our sponsor Factree who printed us these amazing T-shirts 🙂

Thank you Dr.Ashok sir for accepting our invite in such a short time and he launched our new community logo.

Glimpse of #MozillaTN17

We had a jam-packed agenda !! Utilized each and every second of the event for the enrichment of the community and its members.

The first day we started with welcoming all the mozillians to the event after which we informed the audience about the code of conducts of the event this was very important as we wanted to make all the audience feel safe about the environment and support D&I in the event and Karthic did a showcase of the 2016 MozillaTN activities (presentation)

Later we had a session on community issues where we asked the participants to list any issue which is blocking them to contribute and participate in the community, this was important for us so that we can work on this during the event.

We clustered the problems into buckets and started working on each of them. Later in the second day, we had out most senior most mozillian @Gautham Raj to address the audience and help them with each of the problems.

Check out the documentation.

I had delivered the community vision, we realized that we need an orientation for our community members as their exposure to Mozilla spirit of open web is less, we tried out max to deliver and make them realize

“Each one of you is a leader and advocate of the community “

This was one of our triggers for planning for this meetup.

Vision of MozillaTN 17 community are as follows

  • Focus on Campus clubs
    • Get more students to the community and provide them an area to become long-term contributor
  • Proper use of MozillaTN GitHub repo
    • Record all the events in form of blog and capture all the contents of each event in for kits for reuse
  • Become evangelists of Mozilla Tamil Nadu
    • Reach out to more regions of Tamilnadu and recruit more mozillians to the ecosystem
  • Promoting D&I
    • We want to create a safe ecosystem for participation and ensure we are enabling everyone to contribute & grow
  • Social Media participation
    • we want our volunteers to shout out their amazing work and recognize them on periodic time via our channels
  • Deep drive into emerging technologies
    • We wanted our contributors to become early stage adopters/developers and grow Mozilla’s innovations

slides (check out this resource to know more about the vision)

we had a lot of ice-breaker activites to make the audience feel relax and network with all mozillians  which involved making gif’s for storming social media, posters designing of slogans about the open web (we showed the which had 5 most important areas of focus for Mozilla.

A full-fledged session on Campus clubs was delivered by our campus club advisory board member karthic. He also handled Q&A by attendees about the program and covered all the aspects of the program.

Hacks of #MozillaTN17

The important value proposition of the meetup was to technically equip the attendees with technology and focus area stack of Mozilla for them to advocate it in their region and become the primary point of contact.

The tracks we had are:

  • Rust
  • Addons and web extension
  • L10n
  • Webcompat and Testing
  • WebVR 

Most of our participants were students from an engineering background so they really enjoyed these sessions and learned a lot from the different tracks.

We sat on the round table kinda set up facing each other this was helpful which helped in keeping an eye contact.

All the participants were trained prior the event, as they were selected in separate tracks and their facilitator had separate groups from them where they discussed their respective track in detail.

Each of the teams came ahead and presented their hacks on the second day, we made their presentation Facebook live. This was a public speaking activity for many in the event, this made them really confident 🙂

Apart from these, we had a presentation from makilan about social media updates and he had deepdrived into how to participate/access the community channels better.

Fun at #MozillaTN17 

we had a lot of fun !! #MozFun !!

I am personally excited about our community activities this year and really looking forward to reaching heights 🙂

As usual, will be providing my support in all ways possible !!

Hope all the invited mozillians had a great time in Coimbatore and enjoyed the event 🙂

Thanks for reading my 1000+ word blog 🙂

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