March Rust Hack Events

Last month, I was a speaker/ session handler for 3 Rust events at NIT Calicut, RSET Ernakulam, and HasoTechnology Madurai. These events primarily focussed on evangelizing the state of art programming language Rust and its applications for real world scenarios.

FossMeet17 at NIT Calicut


FossMeet17 NIT Calicut is one of the most prestigious events happening in India for the past 6-7 years, the event celebrates open source software and its impact.

My talk on Building AI units using rust selected by the organizers and scheduled at 3:30 PM to 5 PM on 11 March 16.I had around 1hr:30 min to do justice to my proposal and I feel it went well.

There were around 75+ participants, around 20 people had an idea about rust as they attended the morning workshop.

I briefly covered few mathematical models, how to go about architecting one and gave them a template which we follow at DeepRust to create simple learning units in Rust. Participants enjoyed the content and around 10 people approached me later asking for more details.

Rust at A3K Ernakulam


This was an hands-on workshop 6 hours of my previous talk, it had a participation count of 250 attendees mostly students for various colleges (around 7 if I can recollect correctly) around Ernakulam district.

The event happened on March 17 from 10 am to 4:30 PM in Rajagiri college in association with a national level tech fest A3K.

I started with few mathematical model and made them derive the different units which helped us in realizing a learning system for solving a classification problem in real time.

In the afternoon session I focussed mainly on Rust where all the code samples were tried by the participants and later in the evening they used the deeprust template to implement the units.

Hacking Rust with Madurai Mozillians


There were around 40 participants for this meetup and none of them knew about Rust, Madurai is an upcoming tech city in TamilNadu and the participants really appreciated rust and its benefits at the end of the session. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the event hands due to lack of infrastructure.

The event happened on March 25 at HasoTechnology who wholeheartedly hosted us in their company.

I got a lot of interesting question related to the field of IOT from a small group of students and the available crates, was happy to share few resources, couple of them wanted to build a crate for themselves in that process learn Rust, which I feel is the best way to go about it.

In all the three events I made sure all these participants know about the Rust discourse, the Rust book, and India groups so that they can join there and continue their discussion there.

Resources which I used in my events are as follows below,


I know the slides are not yet there, but I am actively working on them.

My previous blogs on Rust:

Github Repo:


I have got now 6 rust event invites pending, planning and trying my level best to join most of them via hangouts to share my knowledge on Rust.

Feel free to  reach out to me if you want to know more about Rust or join the DeepRust project via twitter or telegram (@dvigneshwer is my handle)

#GrowRust #Reinnovate


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