SFD Celebration in Coimbatore

Sept 17 2016 a day well spent with the members of Mozilla TN community in Coimbatore on the occasion of software freedom day 2016 (http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/) celebration at SKCET (http://www.skcet.ac.in/) and SNSCT  (http://snsct.org/) There were two events scheduled by Parthipabalaji and Prasanth at these two colleges. 6 contributors from Mozilla TN community turned up for these events … Continue reading SFD Celebration in Coimbatore


FoxIOT Meetup 1&2 Series Update

1st Meetup was held on  July 16  at SNS college of Tech , few of the topics covered are 1. Introductions to git 2. Introduction to shell scripting 3. Introduction to Docker and commands Blogpost :- P Prasanth 2nd Meetup was held on July 30 at KGISL, Topics covered are 1. Introductions to python and main libraries 2. … Continue reading FoxIOT Meetup 1&2 Series Update