My next 6 month Plans for MozillaTN

In this blog, I am composing the details about my next 6 months event and activity plans for Mozilla Tamil Nadu region. Mozilla TN is very special to me, I really enjoy each and every moment in being part of this group of people and conduct kick ass events. For the next six months, I … Continue reading My next 6 month Plans for MozillaTN


IOT Policies & Practices for the near future

IOT stands for the internet of things, which is a system of interrelated computing devices and machines around us where the machine generated data is collected over a network without human interference and processed to get insights for decision making in real time. I am part of a generation who can say that, The only … Continue reading IOT Policies & Practices for the near future

SFD Celebration in Coimbatore

Sept 17 2016 a day well spent with the members of Mozilla TN community in Coimbatore on the occasion of software freedom day 2016 ( celebration at SKCET ( and SNSCT ¬†( There were two events scheduled by Parthipabalaji and Prasanth at these two colleges. 6 contributors from¬†Mozilla TN community turned up for these events … Continue reading SFD Celebration in Coimbatore