Experience @ MakerFest 17

https://twitter.com/MakerFestMJFF/status/817716590531792896 MakerFest is an amazing fest to celebrate the spirit of Makers and think about how we could expand this spirit to domains which are not yet explored.. hosted by Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation¬†and founded by Asha Jadeja, I could not chat with her much but found an oppurtunity to invite her to our Mozilla … Continue reading Experience @ MakerFest 17


FoxIOT Meetup 5 & 6

We winded up our IOT meetup series this Christmas with an end to end working prototype of a real-time ¬†Led monitoring system. This project can be used as a base to create many more projects where this framework can be utilized. We plan to implement more such projects in the hackerspace and make the source … Continue reading FoxIOT Meetup 5 & 6