FoxIOT SG Event 4

We had a new location for this meetup which was at the hackerspace of KGISL college, technically we have been there already but this was a new space in the campus itself. (In short, it was an amazing place for making cool stuff) Let me start off thanking @Sudhersen and @Parthi for taking care of the … Continue reading FoxIOT SG Event 4


SFD Celebration in Coimbatore

Sept 17 2016 a day well spent with the members of Mozilla TN community in Coimbatore on the occasion of software freedom day 2016 ( celebration at SKCET ( and SNSCT  ( There were two events scheduled by Parthipabalaji and Prasanth at these two colleges. 6 contributors from Mozilla TN community turned up for these events … Continue reading SFD Celebration in Coimbatore