MozillaTN Community Redefined

Mozilla Tamil Nadu Community Meetup 2017 Mozilla Tamil Nadu community had its annual meetup event on 21st & 22nd of Jan 2017 at KGISL campus Coimbatore. The event focused on planning the roadmap of the community for the upcoming year and training its enthusiastic contributors on Mozilla focus areas and ¬†facilitating them to become evangelists … Continue reading MozillaTN Community Redefined


My next 6 month Plans for MozillaTN

In this blog, I am composing the details about my next 6 months event and activity plans for Mozilla Tamil Nadu region. Mozilla TN is very special to me, I really enjoy each and every moment in being part of this group of people and conduct kick ass events. For the next six months, I … Continue reading My next 6 month Plans for MozillaTN